Idealism Grounded in Reality

Public Space
Used for Good

Public space should at it’s finest, feed our souls, cater to our needs, fulfill our desires and then, prompt us to move forward and create and contribute beyond what we have known possible. It’s a place to start a conversation, a dialogue with the individuals who occupy it and this is in so many ways, the beginning of community. In my case, once inspired by the idea of re-inventing our public space, I quickly got tired of reading car dealership ads on our public roads. I knew we could and should do better and with some help, I went ahead and created some messages and included a few others that we all have loved over the years. By putting these out in public space, we have started to shift the paradigm of engagement, one small moment at a time.

Great Ideas
Shared Often

Our mothers’ taught us to share what we have and mother’s tend to be right.  So let’s just do the sharing and by putting these messages on our cars where we spend too much of our time, we are making sure they will spread, they will show up again and again, adding a thought or a smile to an otherwise not so interesting moment …repetition is the first rule in marketing, and marketing is just a means to spread an idea…so let’s spread the ones that are worth the read. Let’s share and share often.

Profit Motive Alone
Is Never Good Enough

Can we just expand our metrics for how we measure success? It cannot all be about the bottom line, the bottom line has to include a larger value add, and then for sure, let’s add profit to the equation.  Our product is made in Canada, and we only have messages that elevate us, add something of value to our lives and not bring us to the lowest common denominator.  And we know there’s money to be made by importing our product or by being a print shop for anything that will sell…but that doesn’t sit well with the idealism we harbour.

Sometimes You Just Can’t Help Yourself, So You Keep On Trying

SuppLinkedInPicbwI took a leap of faith and I made the choice to leave my long-standing management career in the Ontario public service to give myself a chance to be inspired again. Loving what you do is a must have for me and it’s always been a part of my journey.  During my last couple of years in the OPS, I hadn’t felt that way about my work, I knew it was time to make a break and find another way to contribute.
I never expected to run my own business but within a few months, I was inspired by something I saw and my combined passion for wanting to make a difference in the public arena and my tendency to not understand limits, led me to experiment and create something. Not something entirely new, but also something that hadn’t quite been done this way before either.
Epic Mantra is here to provoke and inspire change by putting short succinct messages in public space that leave the reader thinking or smiling.  And because these messages appear on our cars, right over the license plate, they make driving a whole lot more interesting.  Every little bit counts and the words we read are no different. We know that adding some happiness and some reflection to our daily lives with words that give us something to think or smile about is better than what we have now.  The hope and expectation is that the sum of this effort may just end up making a small dent in our combined ambiance.